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I was pretty terrified. Lying about my age and scared of the pain. Plus tattoo shops were pretty intimidating back then.Sandi Calistro
Ritual Tattoo Gallery
(303) 455-1558
2033 W 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211
Open Tues-Fri 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Don’t you feel like petting something suddenly?


Lady Tattooers: Where were you when you had your first tattoo experience?
Sandi Calistro: Living in Naples Maine

LT: How old were you?
Sandi: I was about 16

LT: What was the design?
Sandi: A small flower

LT: Do you still have it or like it?
Sandi: I do still have it! I don’t love it but I love what it represents.

LT: Who did it?
Sandi: Crow, at Crow’s Creations in North Conway New Hampshire

LT: How was your overall feeling of the experience?
Sandi: I was pretty terrified. Lying about my age and scared if the pain. Plus tattoo shops were pretty intimidating back then.

LT: What did you do before tattooing?
Sandi: I worked in a head shop and before that I was a house keeper

LT: Did you already have a career or different job?
Sandi: Not really

LT: Where were you living?
Sandi: I was living in Longmont I had just moved to Colorado from New Hampshire

LT: What hobbies were you involved with?
Sandi: I was painting here and there and designing tattoo flash

LT: How much of your body is tattooed?
Sandi: About 70 percent

LT: Do you plan on getting more?
Sandi: Yes

LT: What’s your opinion of hand and neck tattoos?
Sandi: I love them. I’d tell people who aren’t in the industry or done have a career yet to hold off.

LT: Where were you when you made your first tattoo?
Sandi: Boulder Colorado

LT: Who was it on?
Sandi: My brother

LT: What was the design?
Sandi: A new school style fish

LT: Where on the body?
Sandi: Calf

LT: What equipment did you use?
Sandi: I had Puma machines at the time and I made my own needles.

LT: How long did it take to complete?
Sandi: It took about an hour for me to outline. I finished the rest later.

LT: How did you feel afterward?
Sandi: It was harder than I thought it would be. My nerves got the best of me.

LT: How has social media affected your career?
Sandi: Most of my clients are in Denver and I get more by word of mouth. Social media has helped my work get exposed to people around the world.

LT: Does your fan-base include people you tattoo regularly?
Sandi: Definitely

LT: Do you think it’s important to have popularity online in order to have a successful career?
Sandi: I think it can help but I don’t think it is necessary. I was busy before Instagram

LT: What are your feelings about the accessibility of reference via Google, Instagram, etc?
Sandi: I think it’s important to reference photos for tattoos and illustrations to a certain extent. You have to come up with your own style to be successful.

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