Michelle Myles


I certainly never thought a tattoo I did would end up on the red carpet. Michelle Myles


It’s a classic



Balance and readability is key.

Betty Rose Kewpie Cat Tattoo Art


Smooth lines a perfect gradient shading.

The adventure begins

Michelle Myles

My first tattoo was a little black cat. I still have it. I wanted a black panther but I only had $25 😂

I began my tattoo journey as a punk kid, at the time I was living in Texas. I think I was at a GWAR show and this girl I just met said there was a shop that didn’t card so I was in!

In about 1993 I got a black panther tattooed on my forearm. I remember waking up the next morning and thinking, “I guess I’ll never be able to wear a fancy dress” Not that I was ever a fancy dress kind of girl but back then girls didn’t get tattooed, I knew maybe 2 or 3 girls with their arms tattooed. I certainly never thought a tattoo I did would end up on the red carpet. About 10 years ago I tattooed Whoopi Goldberg and now she’s showing the piece off in a fancy dress on the red carpet. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the tattoo from when I did it. This was pre cell phones, when you would shoot a roll of film and the pictures would come back with a big glare or all dark and blurry. She’s a really nice lady and I’m very honored to see her showing off that big dragon in that glamorous dress. She looks amazing!

It’s hard to pick but a recent one was our 20th anniversary party. It was so great to have so many people come together to celebrate such a big milestone for the shop and to see our tattoo family and friends all come together to celebrate with us. And we had lion dancers at our party was def the best party ever.

Millie Hull. What a gutsy lady. Would love to have been able to sit down with her.

Fair to middlin’

All the bizness stuff that isn’t tattooing that is required to keep the shop going is the bane of my existence. I didn’t become a tattooer because I’m good at accounting.

I regret not getting more tattoos when I was younger and it hurt less. I really regret that I missed getting tattooed from some of the old guys who aren’t with us anymore. Those guys had the best stories and once they’re gone that window into their history is gone. That bums me out more than anything.

For a tattoo enthusiast get a referral and get tattooed when you travel. For aspiring tattooers try to have some diverse abilities, styles come and go.

continue the adventure

Scale from 1-10: 5

Road trips (two lane roads, small towns, weird stuff along the way)

Favorite place to draw is on the cool drawing table my husband built in the shop. Sits four across and it’s always fun to draw and bs with everyone huddled around the drawing table.

Brad’s (Fink) my biggest inspiration. He has always had a style that’s purely his. Favorite past tattooer would be Bob Wicks

Pics of animals is what I like best about social media

Dogs and horses are a tie for me

I have two dogs. A shepherd mix named Jesse and a Rottweiler named Sadie.