Lara Scotton


“it’s a good thing and I get a lot of clients but the really unfortunate thing about the social media is that it’s killing the creativity a little bit… too many copycat.”
Laura Scotton


This tattoo is a classic LA/Cholo style with a twist of Laura’s flair



This tattoo composition fits the body in a very flattering way

Betty Rose Kewpie Cat Tattoo Art


Overall the execution is fantastic.

The adventure begins

I got my first tattoo in a squat in London, I was 20 and I though was a very cool idea having a snowflakes entire body suit (hahah). My ex-boyfriend Amos Blackink did it in our living room and all our friends were around it was pretty cool, especially because all the people that we were living with, were pretty much all piercers or tattooers.

Luckily I did just one and after a month I’d covered it up with black tribal bands ….that off course I’m lasering them off right now.

If I’m not wrong at the time I used a liner from Micky Sharpz probably a micro dial and the shader was from Sunskin equipment.

I want my whole bod tattooed, but I’m still working on that 😉

I won’t touch my hands and my neck for now…..because I still have some space left in other places.

And once my suit is complete, I can think about my neck and hands.

I did my first tattoo on my ex boyfriend who did my first haha -We spent a lot of time together.
It was always in our living room, but this time was in Varese, Italy. He basically gave me his leg to try out some lines and shading, it wasn’t a proper design. But a week after I did my real fist tattoo, it was a rose.
Off course, I also did this on him too.

I still have a picture of that day; a before and an after picture when I have a stupid face while I’m saying ….this is great! I totally can do that!

I have a degree in foreign languages and I’ve worked in offices for that. Then I moved from Italy to London and started waitressing, working in bars, internet receptionist, and then a piercer. I then returned to Italy and began selling equipment for sports medicine during the week and on weekends I was piercing.

the adventure continues

Social media can be sketchy these days…

On one hand, it’s a good thing if you want to promote yourself and I get a lot of clients from Instagram but it’s almost a second job. The really unfortunate thing about the social media is that is killing the creativity a little bit…..too many copycat.

I’m not sure social media will make you a successful tattooer. I know some people prefer to follow your private life rather than anything else.

I don’t have any pets right now because I’m traveling too much but I grew up with dogs (mostly german shepherds) and cats (usually rescued and black!)