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Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet.Candice Tekus


Bold, Bright, and Fun!



Great flow and great color combo.

Betty Rose Kewpie Cat Tattoo Art


Clean and smooth with perfect blends.

The adventure begins

Candice Marie Tekus

I gave myself my first tattoo in my bedroom with some india ink I had stolen from art class. It was a black heart that said “Love” through it in purple. The word “Love” fell out immediately. Two years later when I was all hormonal and angsty, I put “hate” through it in black (Sheesh, a lot changes in two years). The H and the E fell out… soooo, I had a heart that said “AT” in it for years until I covered it up later when I was apprenticing with a Frank Kozik Smorkin Labbit (It’s a cute bunny smoking a cigarette).

All these kids in school wanted to grow up to be vets and firefighters. I knew I wanted to be an artist. By the time I was 12, I knew which kind. I did my Freshman job shadow project at a tattoo shop. I was 15 years old and the owner of the shop gave a bum a half drank fifth of whiskey to let me tattoo him. I tattooed a skull on the side of his arm so he could make it talk when he bent his arm. It’s still in the top 10 coolest days of my life. While I was tattooing they gave me all kinds of bad information like, “used and re-steralized needles tattoo better, because you’ve already worked the burrs off of them.”. So not true!! And gross!!!

The happiest I’ve been is always the most recent times. I currently just opened my own shop called Triple Moon Tattoo, I’ve been traveling a little, and going through another growth spurt. Each passing day I learn more. The more I learn, the more fulfilled I become. Also every time my daughter spends the entire morning drawing a body suit on herself, which is often. Those are golden.

Neil deGrasse Tyson. Sorry tattoo world! Im also a scientist at heart.

Fun. Flow. Bright.

The pressure, man!!! You know, it’s only permanent…as in FOREVER! The line work/design is only the MOST important part… Don’t fuck it up.

Piles and Piles! Every wobble. Every “Shit, that would have been better if it were blue.”. Every day. But nothing serious. I’m my own worst critic (I hope).

“Fake it till you make it” This industry is largely based on confidence. If I put out an air of confidence, my customers feel confident in me. If they feel confident in me, I feel confident in myself. Its stupid, but it works!

Go get a “real” job! Haha! I’m mostly kidding, but kind of not. It is dog eat dog out here! We work weekends, there’s no retirement plan, if you have kids- once they start school, you’ll never seen them. Money flow is inconsistent, you are constantly judged by your actions, not your intententions (good tattoo vs bad tattoo), which leads to your self worth being measured by other peoples’ opinions of your art… it goes on and on. If you’re going to be a tattooer, thicken your skin, resolve to hating yourself or being hated by others. This has to be a deep passion, or you are wasting your own time.
I’ve worked hard and gotten lucky to get as far as I have. I get to work 9-5 weekdays, but I still have to compromise working Saturdays. It’s insane to me that my customers are willing to work with that. But they are! Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet! Girl, you better werk!!

continue the adventure

Outer bicep. For sure.

I can’t!!!! I’ve been to sooooo many. My husband and I traveled from the mid-west to the east, top to bottom. We stopped in every major city and walked into as many shops as google maps allowed back then. My brain is a messy rolodex of shops. Biker shops, head shops, art gallery shops, surfer shops, some who also deal firearms, shit one had a bar and stripper poles!!! I guess the only thing they all have in common is a love for following our own passions. True self expression. Our hearts not on a canvas, but on these walls.

Anywhere I haven’t already been! I like to explore.

Maybe a 3 or 4? Not much. I quit getting tattooed as much when I realized that I want a cohesive body suit. I still don’t know who to do it or what to do. That’s a commitment!! Im saving myself… haha!

That’s tough! I like lots. First and foremost punk in absolutely any form, some metal, industrial, new wave, (old) goth, 80’s, Lady Gaga… all kinds. I just beg no one make me listen to Journey or Rush. I just can’t. Just. No.

For real!? Just one?! You’re killing me smalls…
After much deliberation, I will say Joe Frost @hellomynamesjoe. This fuggin guy…. he is the king of bright, flowey and fun. Smooth as butter, that guy… Makes me wanna chop my hands off and chuck them in the waters of Fukushima. So I never look at his stuff. It’s that bad, ya know? My follow ups that I just can’t leave out are Emily Rose Murray @emily_rose_murray for her endless ability to manipulate the human form, and John Barrett @yogi_barrett for his amazing versatility, reinvention, and willingness to teach.

It’s a web!!! Check this out- I just put this all together yesterday: Eight months ago a lady found me on IG through Kelly McGrath’s page. She lives in New York and emailed asking if I take out of town clients. I said, I do, but I’ll be at Eight of Swords Tattoo in a few months, why don’t I save you the flight, and I’d tattoo her there. So we did. Magic ensued. She then went to New Jersey to get tattooed at a convention. The lady that tattooed her said she wishes she was in New York. The lady I tattooed then told her that Eight of Swords is a cool shop, go check them out. Now, the New Jersey lady (Jessie Fora) works there! Super cool.

I am finally a wealth of useless knowledge!!! Every client I have, I spend several sessions with. We grow close. Some even become friends. There’s a lot of time to kill just sitting there, so I pick their brains. We DO talk politics and religion. We listen, and learn from each other. Some times we act as therapists for one another. I don’t mean to get all mushy, but I absolutely adore my clients.

Ducks!!! Gah! They’re so funny. And ducklings love to cuddle. I love that. Till they poop on me… Not a fan of that part.

We have one dog. Her name is Fea. Yes, it means ugly in Spanish. When we found her, she was full of a terrible case of mange. It was reeeeeal bad. But we still hugged and kissed on her anyway till she got better.
We also have about 12 ducks. Mr. Waddlesworth, Lolipop, Jason Jr, Bitch face (Shes not very nice) Dorthea, Rose, Blanch, Ma, Dick (he’s not very nice either), and the others have rotating names that the kids change often.

Silence!!!!! My brain is loud enough.