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Then you'll love Lady Tattooers. We feature some of the best female tattooers from around the world, highlighting some of their best art and giving you an in-depth look on what drives them.

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Our Humble

Lady Tattooers is an inspirational art platform focused on promoting the top female tattoo artists. We maintain a list of tattooers curated by tattoo artist Betty Rose & friends. There are so many talented artists around the world and we plan to make people aware of who they are & how to find them. Our goal is to become the online resource for female tattoo art.

We began a few years ago, after Betty’s husband (Matty) made clear how little he knew about female tattoo artists.

Betty had always wanted to help spread the passion that started her career in tattooing, so Matty’s bewilderment opened Betty’s eyes to a unique opportunity to both do something she loved and give back to the community of female artists that helped pave the way for her. Continuing the spirit of that first goal has allowed the humble Lady Tattooers instagram account to flourish into being the popular hashtag and website it is today.

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Just the right fit

Sometimes finding an artist can be difficult. Most people like tattoos, yet it’s hard to know where to look until you already know the answers. We got that covered, try a style that sounds like you.


 Gorgeous sternum piece by @sami_lynne!! #LadyTattooers  Crisp & clean traditional piece by @moira.ramone!! #LadyTattooers  Beautiful piece by @meaghangoeb!! #LadyTattooers  Love this #hotairballoon design by @suziq70! #LadyTattooers  Super stoked on finding @laurenmelina and all her glorious work! #LadyTattooers
 Super fun witchy tattoo by @aimeeloutattoo!! #LadyTattooers  Gorgeous flower placement & execution by @sharna_lee_turner!! #LadyTattooers  Summer drink vibes by @kellymcgrathart!! #LadyTattooers  Rad traditional #bison made by @naturenox! #ladytattooers  @ginamarietattoo made this fabulous tattoo, give her a follow! #LadyTattooers
 So IN LOVE with this #TankGirl piece by @aimeeloutattoo!! #LadyTattooers  #PrincessMononoke tribute piece by @tatanjaschulze!!  #LadyTattooers  I'm in love with @lyaleister's work!!  #LadyTattooers  ROFL!! ❤️ this #cattoo by @morguettetattoo!! ❤️❤️❤️ #LadyTattooers #RockOut #KissTattoo #KissBand #cattoos  Solid traditional work by @beexgood!! #LadyTattooers
 I just can't get enough of @sharna_lee_turner awesome work!! #LadyTattooers  Beautiful color-work by @nastiazlotintattoo!! #LadyTattooers  Excellent work by @kamiladaisytattoo!! #LadyTattooers  Gorgeous floral work by @toutcourttattoos! #LadyTattooers  Meet @warahshitehouse and her darling designs! #LadyTattooers