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Lady Tattooers

LadyTattooers is a website dedicated to showcasing some incredible work and interviews from female tattooers around the world. The Founder of LT is
Betty Rose, and one of the frequent curators is Zoe Bean. Interviews with new artists are posted monthly, while new featured work on Instagram is updated daily.

This one's for the Ladies

All the latest Interviews by your favorite female artists.

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Tit For Tat Chat

Betty Rose & Zoe Bean have recently started their own podcast which focuses on the Tattooing community in general, Tit For Tat Chat. You'll be able to find all your favorite tattoo artist interviews in addition to more general tattoo talk from Betty Rose & Zoe Bean right here. Podcasts will be posted on a Bi-Weekly basis.

This One's for All

All the latest laughs and fun about tattooing with your favorite hosts Betty & Zoe.

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